The resourcefulness and enthusiasm of three young initiate in 1996 to a family business called Carpenteria Metallica Zampieri, in which from the beginning has been directed to offer to its customers quality and service at prices more than competitive. Combining the experiences of the three founders, lessons learned in
field, in the field of diesel oil tanks, oil and water radiators, heat exchangers, used in industrial machines, which is matured in more than ten years as employees, meant that their willingness to get involved in the first person by creating a reality of high professionalism.
In 2006 the Carpenteria Metallica Zampieri from family business turns into Zaniva srl, the result of a constant effort, the creation of a registered trademark, monitoring of production processes, the constant search for suppliers / patner for components and accessories, have strengthened the relationship with our customers.
The constant investments in technology and research, go to satisfy an ever more demanding.
Still we are able to provide small, medium and large amounts of tanks design for oil / fuel / water with innovative production processes.

Nardi Essiccatoi

Tankes: Production of oil tanks, diesel and water.